About Gerald Nelson

Gerald Nelson is a veteran marketer with over 15 years experience in corporate and global marketing. Specializing in web development, Digital marketing, search engine marketing and graphic design, Gerald brings his knowledge and expertise to small business owners in order to help them establish their presence online while assisting in their growth.

January 2023

Small Business Marketing Strategy explained

Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained Uhg, marketing… A sentiment that a lot of small business owners share when they give thoughts to questions that surround growth, how to get more customers, how do I get more sales etc. The fact of the matter is, while marketing is an absolute MUST [...]

Why Every Small Business Needs Marketing

Why Every Small Business Needs Marketing Benjamin Franklin once loosely stated, if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail, this remains true today. No matter your industry, your business size, or your location, every single business needs a marketing strategy. Think of a marketing strategy as a roadmap. [...]

December 2022

Why You Need a Marketing Partner

What is a Marketing Partner, and Why you need One. I read a post the other day where a mediator was required to settle a dispute between an agency and a business owner.  I thought to myself, wow, what could have possibly gone wrong to warrant such a conversation? [...]

How Local Marketing Strategies Impact Your Small Business

How Local Marketing Strategies Impact Your Small Business When we stepped into the 2020’s we unknowingly sped into a future overflowing with strategic digital marketing tactics. For small businesses this meant that word of mouth faded and digital presence began to take over. For many companies this shift felt [...]

August 2022

What is Marketing Anyways?

In the 50’s…... Ahhh the good ol’ days… When one could hang a sign in their storefront window and word of mouth would take over, resulting in a foot race of people just aching to buy the latest and greatest thing of things that was late and great. Where a simple 3 x 3 inch [...]

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