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Why Every Small Business Needs Marketing

January 14, 2023Category : General Marketing
Why Every Small Business Needs Marketing

Benjamin Franklin once loosely stated, if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail, this remains true today. No matter your industry, your business size, or your location, every single business needs a marketing strategy. Think of a marketing strategy as a roadmap. This map can guide you through detours, and unexpected bumps in the path, and ultimately get you to your destination. Having a marketing strategy will benefit you in several important ways, in today’s post we are going to highlight how and why you should implement marketing into your business plan for 2023.

Introduce Yourself:

Your target audiences are not mindreaders, how will they learn about your existence if they can’t find you or don’t see any material around your business? The answer is they won’t. You need to be marketing yourself properly online to these potential customers in order to generate new sales. It’s important that they first hear about your brand through your website and the content you put out. That way you get to introduce your business, it’s mission, and core values through your own description. This is a key way to eliminate any confusion about your business.


There are many marketing tactics that you can incorporate to educate your potential customers about your business. You may want to create blogs that tell your customers how you can address their pain points.  You may want to create a FAQ videos that ads a personal touch to your brand or you may consider enrolling your customers on a mailing list in an educational email campaign. Either way, you need to consider what would be the best marketing tactics that you can adopt that will resonate with your audience and persuade them to engage with your business.

Remain Relevant:

With rapidly changing social trends it can be a challenge to remain relevant online. Marketing research can help you forecast what direction to focus your attention on. You may find that you have a steady stream of interest when your small business first launches, but that is from the effect of newness. Once that wears off, you will lean on marketing tactics to keep people informed of your business and to bring in new and already existing customers.  It’s ok to spy on your competition to see what they are doing and learn from that.  Take some of their ideas and make them your own cause there’s no point in reinventing the wheel when you don’t have to.

Influencer Customer Loyalty:

Great marketing tactics can create bonds with your customers. If they feel authenticity coming from your business they will be more likely to be a long-term customer. Marketing will give your brand a persona and allow you to build relationships through power awareness and communication.

Spread Promotions & Create New Sales:

Every small business grows through different sales tactics. As mentioned earlier, you need a roadmap to lead you through experimental detours. A marketing strategy will help you project your various sales tactics. Through email, social media, press, etc. you will be able to communicate your promotions effortlessly and potentially gain new customers. It’s all about trial and error… Learn about works for your business and what doesn’t which will allow you to tighten up your efforts in a more effective manner.

There are so many additional areas where marketing can help your small business grow. Today will only review a few, but through covering the above reasons it’s clear to see why you need to invest in marketing in 2023. It’s never too late or too early to take the first step. Connect with us today to start that conversation.

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Gerald Nelson is a veteran marketer with over 15 years experience in corporate and global marketing. Specializing in web development, Digital marketing, search engine marketing and graphic design, Gerald brings his knowledge and expertise to small business owners in order to help them establish their presence online while assisting in their growth.

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